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The LIBRA 65 RTCT 135 is a 53” three head combination sander specifically designed for calibration and sanding of wood based panels with the ability to “Super Finish” sand veneered panels. The Libra 65 offers the highest degree of finish quality for the very large factory with high production needs. This “Beast of a sander” offers some of the best technology in its class wrapped in a tank like super structure.


Unit 1:

·        Contact Roller

o   Steel grooved x 175 mm (6 7/8”) dia.

o   Pneumatic positioning

Unit 2:

·        Combination Sanding Head

o   Rubber covered 45 Shore x 175 mm (6 7/8”) dia.

o   Extractable Rigid flat platen (density =0.68)

o   Pneumatic positioning

Unit 3:

·        “Super Finisher” Sanding Head

o   Automatic oscillation of sanding belt

o   Automatic oscillation of segmented belt

o   Abrasive belt rotating in reverse direction with respect to feed direction

o   Pneumatic positioning



·        Working width

1350 mm


·        Working thickness

4 - 170 mm

¼ – 6½”

·        Abrasive belt size

1370 x 2620 mm

53” x 103”

·        Segmented belt size

1370 x 2186 mm

53” x 86”

·        Variable Feed speed

3.5 - 18 mpm

11 - 60 fpm

·        First unit motor



·        Second unit motor



·        Third unit motor


24 HP

·        Feed belt motor



·        Work table positioning

0.3 kW

0.4 Hp

·        Compressed air pressure

6 bar

90 psi

·        Compressed air consumption

40 NL/min

2 cfm

·        Dust extraction velocity

20 mps

65 fps

·        Dust extraction volume

3180 m3/h

1872 cfm



Standard Equipment

  • Welded structural tubular steel frame
  • Infeed table w/ variable feed speed
    • 5 infeed and 1 driven / 4 idle outfeed rollers
    • Natural (live) rubber profiled conveyor top
    • Powered thickness adjustment
    • Infeed pressure roller w/ anti kick-back system
    • Automatic conveyor belt tacking
    • Automatic break on all units
  • Grooved steel contact roller 175 mm (6 7/8”) diam.
  • Combination Sanding Head
    • Rubber covered contact roller 175 mm (6 7/8“) 45 sh.
    • Platen made of extractable bar (density D=0.68)
    • Steel backed felt pad w/ graphite cover
    • Pneumatic abrasive belt tensioning
  • “Super Finisher” Sanding Head
  • Electronic Segmented Platen (pitch = 30mm)
  • Automatic oscillation of sanding belt
  • Automatic oscillation of segmented belt
  • Abrasive belt rotation in reverse direction of feed
  • Segmented Chevron belt
  • Micrometric height adjustment on all units


  • 460V – 3 Ph – 60 Hz
  • Safety switches on all hinged doors
  • Automatic Star-delta Start
  • Overload protection
  • Main switch lock out


LIBRA 65/3 RTCT 135


Vacuum table with fan 6.5 Hp


Version “Z Super”


Conveyor feed with 5Hp speed variator 3.5 – 18 m/min


- Pneumatic selector 1st, 2ndand 3rd units from control.  Electronic worktable positioning device.


“SF” electronic super finishing group with automatic oscillation of sanding and segmented belt.  Reverse rotation enabled. Segmented pads on 30mm centers.


Oscillating belt cleaning blower on unit 1


Rubber coated grooved pressure roller in 2nd Position


Oscillating belt cleaning blower on unit 2


Rubber coated grooved pressure roller in 3rd Position


Oscillating belt cleaning blower on unit 3


Rubber coated grooved pressure roller in 4th Position


In-feed / Out-feed support rollers. 5 idle rollers on in-feed and 1 driven / 4 idle rollers on out-feed.


Rubber coated rear drive pressure roller


Motor upgrade, 1st head 36Hp @ 60hz


Outfeed panel cleaning unit with rotating blowers


Motor upgrade, 2nd head 30Hp @ 60Hz


10.4” LCD Touch Screen Display


Inverter on the 3rd head 24Hp 3 -18 m/sec @ 60 Hz


Electronic digital thickness readout in inches


  • Automatic Disc Braking System
    • Pneumatically operated
    • Fail safe design
  • Infeed feed roller system
    • Anti kick-back system
    • Protects operator
  • Grooved Pressure rollers
    • Rubber covered
    • In positions 2, 3, and 4
    • Insures positive feed into contact roller
    • Securely holds work-pieces
  • Automatic Feed Belt Tracking
    • Electronically controlled
    • Pneumatically operated
    • Continuous tracking
    • Over tracking override
  • Pneumatic on/off Positioning
    • In lieu of manual positioning
    • For all three Units
  • Oscillating belt cleaning blowers on all 3 heads
  • Extended Infeed and Outfeed Support
    • 5 idle infeed and 1 driven / 4 idle outfeed rollers
  • Vacuum table with fan 4 kW (6.5 Hp)
    • Fan powered by Inverter up to 4 kW (6.5 HP)
    • Fan inside machine frame
  • Fox 1000 S control
  • 4” color LCD touchscreen display with PLC.
  • Machine control by means of Touch Screen controls, with possibilityof saving up to 120 working programs.
  • Total control of one electronic segmented platen, with 3 operatingmodes:
    • Platen excluded.
    • Flat platen with all sections activated.
    • Segmented platen activated, with sections activated by the geometrical shape of the workpiece.
  • Pre-selection and activation of + or – sections on the right or on
  • the left of the panel.
  • Detection of the cut-out pieces.
  • Automatic sequential motor start-up.
  • Graphic display of the machine configuration.
  • Management, control and synchronization of the flat platen and of
  • the 45, 30 or 20 Sh sanding rollers (only if machine is equipped with
  • switch/switches for controlled positioning).
  • Management and control of the working height.
  • Management and control of the feed speed (providing the machine
  • is equipped with feed inverter).
  • Management and control of sanding belts speed (providing the
  • machine is equipped with main motors controlled by inverter).
  • Management of the main motors speed selection (providing the
  • machine is equipped with 2 or 3 speed motors).
  • Activation and control of the blowers timing, for sanding belts and
  • outfeed rotating blowers cleaning.
  • Reverse rotation control of two abrasive belts
  • Bar chart graphics showing sanding belt wear.
  • Machine activity report (working hours/machine on hours).
  • Automatic sequential main motor start-up
  • Control of 3 operating heads
  • Control of the working height
  • Control of on/off positioning and synchronized raise /fall of the platen and sanding rollers
  • Control of 2 inverters ( feed conveyor and/or operating units)
  • Control of sanding belt speed
  • Control of panel cleaning roller and cleaning blowers with rotating nozzles
  • Control of vacuum table start-up
  • Reverse rotation control of one sanding belt
  • Start up and timed control of the abrasive belt cleaning blowers and panel cleaning blowers with rotating nozzles
  • Machine control in manual, semiautomatic or automatic mode with 4 working programs, customizable and easily selectable by means of 4 function keys
  • Machine alarm control
  • Machine activity report(working hours/machine on hours)


Seller warrants, for a period of one (1) year beginning on the date the Machinery is accepted, that the Machinery will be free of defects in workmanship and materials, excluding belts, bearings, and common electrical parts, which carry a six-month warranty. This warranty does not include parts consumed during normal operation (wearable items), working units, or maintenance required in the ordinary course of operation.  Seller shall warrant any replacement spare parts and accessories installed pursuant to this warranty for the period of ninety (90) days. 


Tooling, including blades, is not included unless noted.  Upon request, we can supply a quotation of the most suitable tools required for use on this machine. 


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