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Joos Feed-Through Presses (DLP) are designed for the economical processing of veneer, plastic laminate, and composite materials.  This machine utilizes Elkom Ökotherm plus heating platens to reach temperatures of 150 degrees Centigrade.    Most parts can be processed in as little as 45 seconds.   Our numerous patents make this machine one-of-a-kind in its field. Working sizes range up to 5' x 10'.   The DLP can be configured for side-load and end-load capabilities.  They are also custom built for any operation you desire or require.

Programmable Controller

Programmable Controller's Advantages:

  • Stores Up to 99 Press Settings
  • Digital Temperature Regulator
  • Automatic Calculations
  • On-Screen Function Display
  • On-Screen Error Notification With Possible Solutions

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