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FLEXA 607 RMA4T11 AirJet

The NEW Flexa607 Series provides users productive solutions with a modest footprint. Designed for medium to large cabinet and millwork manufactures, the Flexa607 features high production features, speeds, and units at an affordable price, while producing consistent results.

Unit 1:  Diamond pre-mill

Unit 2:  Glue applicator and pressure rollers

Unit 3:  Edgebanding trimming guillotine

Unit 4:  (2) motor end trimmer 

Unit 5:  Top and bottom trimmer

Unit 6:  Tilted trimming unit 20˚

Unit 7:  Corner Rounding 

Unit 8:  Edge Scraping

Unit 9:  Glue Scraping

Unit 10: Brushing

Unit 11: Edge Brightening

· Working height 10 – 60 mm 0.39- 2.36”
· Working height corner rounding 10 – 60 mm .39 – 2.36”
· Coil edge thickness 0.3 – 3 mm 0.01 – 0.11”
· Strip edge thickness 0.4 – 12 mm 0.02 – 0.47”
· Max overhang top and bottom (total top and bottom) 5 mm (2+3) 0.19”
· Min panel width  55 mm 2.17”
· Min panel length coil edge 170 mm 6.7”
· Min panel length strip edge 250 mm 9.8”
· Min distance between panels (12/18 m/min) (500/650) mm 19.6/25.6”
· Feed speed  10/ 22mpm 32 / 72 fpm
· Glue Tank GP-1100 P     
   o    Power 2.6 kW
   o    Glue capacity 4.8 L  
· Pre-mill Unit (diamond.)
   o    Removal  .4 – 3mm 0.02 – 0.11”
   o    Motor power 5.3Hp
   o    Tool height/ diam. 64/ 100mm 2.5” -3.9”
   o    Tool cutting speed 9,000 rpm
· End Trimming Unit IK/S     
   o    Automatic inclination 0 -15˚  
   o    Motor size (each)   0.47Hp
   o    Cutting speed 12,000 rpm  
· Top and Bottom trimming TS/P
   o    Motor size (each) 1.34Hp  
   o    Cutting speed 12,000 rpm
· Tilting Trimming Unit TT/S    
   o    Motor size (each) 1.34Hp
   o    Cutting speed 12,000 rpm  
   o    Motor inclination 0 - 25˚
· Corner Round Unit  ROUND A4
   o    Motor size (each) 0.74Hp
   o    Cutting speed 12,000 rpm
· Edgescraping Unit SCR/1000
   o    Knives with radius 3mm
· Brushing Unit
   o    Motor size (each) 0.17Hp
   o    Speed 1,400 rpm


FLEXA 607 RM4AT 11



UL/ CSA Safety Standards



Pre-arrangement for bar code reader



Teleservice  Flexa



Eco System Package



Top belt pressure unit



220/ 230 Electrics



Anti-adhesive unit “RA”






4kW motor power instead of 2.2 kW – 220/230V



Diamond tools on pre-milling unit h=64 Z=3+3



Electronic positioning of the pressure rollers



Spare glue tank for use with pre-melting unit



AirJet  Package AJP-150



Device with 2 pneumatic positions for rough trimming unit TT/S



Electronic positioning of the front copy pads



“NESTING” tracer kit for rough trimming unit TT/S



“NESTING” tracer kit for edge scraping unit SCR/1000



Top and Bottom rough trimming unit TS/P 1Kw



“Nesting” tracer kit for trimming unit TS/P



Spray mist device for edge finishing



Glue scraping unit GSU/2



Edge brightening unit F/1 for PVC/ABS edging



Straight cutters for tilting rough trimming unit -15mm



Cutters R=3mm for tilting trimming unit



Pair of knives for edge scraping unit R=3mm


Standard Features

• Control panel situated at the machine infeed which can be moved to
an ergonomic position.
• Soundproof protection cabinet with polycarbonate windows for
inspection of the units during machining, covered with acoustic
insulation and complete with internal cabinet light.
• Machine base made of bended and welded steel that ensure high
rigidity of the structure. Special openings for out-feed of not
suctioned chips.
• Panel support roller conveyor on entire machine length with
telescopic opening system and sliding wheels made of plastic with
rotating pins made of steel.
• Feeding chain track made of industrial chain with high grip rubber
coated pads. The chain track pads slide on two steel guides, one with
a circular section and one with a flat section, to guarantee feeding
straightness and resistance to lateral loads. Automatic lubrication of
the pads with optimisation of oil quantity according to processed
• Panel insertion spacer at machine infeed that allows panels to be
inserted at the correct spacing rate (time between panels). Automatic
regulation of the distance according to working speed.
• Upper pressure unit made of bended and welded steel, supported by
steel columns to assure the solid structure on which operating units are
Two rows of panel pressure wheels made of high grip rubber sliding on
ball bearings. Guards to cover the wheels.
Electronic lifting of pressure unit according to panel thickness.
• Top Belt Pressure Unit fixed on pressure unit or mechanically connected
onto it, to allow its automatic adjustment according to panel thickness.
Bottom units fixed on chain track beam for a precise reference with
respect to the panel.
High frequency motors with converter (inverter)
Suction hoods of operating units placed on upper side of the
protection cabinet.

In feed and construction

·        Industrial grade in feed system with high grip, interchangeable rubber pads.

·        Guided by a chain for accurate feeding and long lasting perfection

·        Thick, Steel top pressure beam complete with two rows of rubber coated wheels

·        Robust panel support which can be extended according to the size of the parts 

Top Belt Pressure Unit

MEGA 300 TS Controller

·        12” color touch screen

·        Sequential motor start

·        Ergonomic positioning

·        Control of glue temp 0º - 45º C

·        Programmable up to 100 programs/ set-ups w/ rapid recall for 6 common programs

·        Pneumatic controls of the units when applicable

·        Graphic representation of all operating unit and on/ off status

·        Guided technical diagnostics

·        Partial and absolute data: number of panels, edgings used, machines use

·        Programmable maintenance alarms

Anti-adhesive unit “RA”


Premilling unit“TR/E” with “Quick Size Super” Device

·        Diamond pre-mill unit

·        Electronic pos. of infeed guide

·        Digital readouts for manual copier position

·        Automatic timed intervention

·        90 mm² max. removable section

 9,000 RPM and 5.3Hp each 

Gluing Unit GP-1100 P

·        Four Pressure rollers (1 powered, 2 & 3rd tapered, 4th flat)

·        Teflon coated glue pot w/ <10 min. heat time

·        Automatic glue temperature regulator to reduce glue temperature if machine is not in use

·        Automatic recovery of glue

·        Automatic loader for strips

·        Pre-melting unit

 4 Hp w/ 4.8 L capacity

AirJet Package AJP-150

The device allows the application of the co-extruded and pre-glued edges by means of a high temperature compressed air blower which melts the specific functional layer of the edge and gluing to the panel.

AirJet Package allows utilisation of the following edges:

·        co-extruded edge specific for hot air melting and laser in: PP, ABS and PMMA with functional layer .2 mm

·        pre-glued edge with specific glue for processing with hot air melting

·        The device does NOT allow utilisation of standard plastic and wooden edges

Technical data AirJet Package AJP-150

Function features with co-extruded edge

·        working speed 10 m/min with 35 mm. edge height

·        working speed 12 m/min with 30 mm. edge height

·        working speed 15 m/min with 23 mm. edge height

(working speed and edge height depends on the features of the machine and the used edge )

·        edge thickness 1-3 mm

·        distance between panels according to working speed and panel length

·        installed power 12 kW

·        compressed air consumption during processing  1200 Nl/min

·        heating time 4 min


The device is composed of:

·        air heating unit with two temperatures and double electronic control of the temperature.  Both temperatures are adjustable by machine control and this allows a constant melting temperature control of the functional edge layer

·        air blower head, applied before the first edge pressure roller

·        opening and closing adjustment of the head borings when varying the edge thickness. It is carried out in a single operation together with the top edge guide

·        the spray-mist device for the edge cooling positioned to the end of the edge pressure roller prevents the adhesion of the chips on the tools and improves the panel finishing (Riepe liquid LP289/99)

·        The air blower on the edge is activated only when the panel is present, in this way the compressed air consumption is optimised.

·        The device is compatible with the standard gluing systems for EVA and PU glue.

Note: Only available for machines with corner                round unit

Kit  “Easy” for glue unit compulsory 



End Trimming Unit IK/S

·        2 Independent high frequency motors w/ blades

·       Pneumatic tilting of the saw blade 0 – 15 deg. from control panel

·        Units slide on THK guideways

·        Mounted to the base for vibration free machining

             12,000 RPM and .5 hp each



Top & Bottom Trimming Unit “TS/P”

·        Two independent high frequency motors

·        Pneumatic pos. from PLC

·        Vertical revolving copy devices and horizontal copy pads for accurate positioning

·        Digital readouts for positioning

·        Dust extraction hood

·        Nesting copy kit

 12,000 RPM and 1 HP each



  Tilting Trimming Unit TT/S

·        Two independent high frequency motors

·        Vertical rotating copying device for perfect adjustment

·        Pneumatic positioning from the unit for

-        Bevel trimming for thin edges (.1 - .6mm)

-        Edge trimming with 2radius (1 & 2 mm)

-        Trimming of solid edges with max. thickness 12mm

-        Different trimming such as radius top straight bottom

-        4 controlled axis on the unit



Corner Rounding Unit Round 4/A

·        4 High frequency motors

·        Front and vertical copying devices with chrome plated contact surfaces

·        Pneumatic exclusion & Position from PLC

·        2 position pneumatic control from control panel

·        Unit can be locked into place to double as a second set of top and bottom trimmer or a fine station

 Technical specifications:   

12,000 RPM and .47 HP each

Edge Scraping Unit SCR/1000

For finishing edges with radius in PVC/ABS:

·        Rigid structure allows for a perfect finish without any vibration

·        Front and vertical revolving feelers accurately position knives with respect to cutting point, guaranteeing extreme machine precision.

·        Pneumatic exclusion (on/off) from PLC controller

·        Nesting copy kit 

Spray mist device for edge finishing

Glue Scraping Unit“GSU/2"        

For cleaning and polishing the top and bottom edge.

·        Vertical disk copiers

·        Blowers for cleaning

·        Pneumatic exclusion thru PLC controller 

“BFN" Brushing Unit      

For cleaning and polishing the top and bottom edge.

·        2 independent motors, each .3 HP

·        1,400 rpm rotating speed  

Edge brightening unit “F/1”       

For heating PVC/ ABS edging to reactivate the original color

·        Adjustable power up to 3500 W

·        PLC Controlled 




    Note: The pictures and/or illustrations included in this quotation are for descriptive purposes and intended to aid in understanding certain features of the machine.   Some depictions may not reflect the exact construction and may include options that are not part of this offer. In all cases, the written text supersedes any graphic representation. If you have any questions, please consult your sales manager.

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