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Front Load Panel Saw



Ripping capacity

3300 mm

129”  (10.8 ft)

Useable pusher stroke

3200 mm

126”  (10.5 ft)

Worktable height

950 mm


Main blade projection

70 mm


Main blade power

9 kW

14.5 HP

Main blade diameter

320 mm


Main blade arbor

80 mm


Main blade rotation speed

4600 rpm


Scoring blade power

1.5 kW

2 HP

Scoring blade diameter

160 mm


Scoring blade arbor

55 mm


Scoring rotation speed

7560 rpm





Saw carriage speed

6 - 60 mpm

19 – 200 fpm

Maximum pusher speed

60 mpm

200 fpm

Number of grippers/ clamps

5 (standard) + 2

Dust extraction outlets @ diameter

2  @  120 mm



1  @  100 mm


Dust extraction velocity

28 mps

5500 fpm


1.13 m3/s

2400 cfm

Compressed Air

6 Bar

90 psi


300 Nl/min

11 cfm

Electrical Service

230 V - 3 Ph - 60 Hz

55 Amp                



  • Machine Frame
    • Heavy plate-steel table with double tubular structure
    • Heavy plate steel saw bed with Phenolic top
    • Rear table extruded aluminium structure with Phenolic top
    • Support rollers of non-scratch UHD
    • Safety fences around rear of the machine
  • Saw Carriage
    • Independent drives, main and score blade using prismatic guides.
    • Vertical adjustment over THK guides
    • Driven by precision Rack and Pinion
    • Movement of carriage on “V” Grove rollers riding on hardened steel guide rails (5 Yr. Warranty)
    • Saw carriage stroke toward cross-cutting fence
  • Pressure Beam
    • Fabricated from steel plate
    • Slotted for grippers
      • ensures exact panel positioning
    • Double rack and pinion system for movement
    • Large pneumatic cylinders at both ends
  • Double dust collection points
    • Top connection for dust removal from pressure beam
    • Bottom connection for chip removal from saw carriage
  • Operator controls (PC)
    • Mounted on Left Side
      • 17” Color Touchscreen Monitor (CA3581)
      • Intel Processor with Windows
      • Standard Keyboard
      • Label printer (optional)
      • USB ports
  • Safety
    • Safety fence system with slotted or plastic window
    • Safety screen
  • Full length powered pusher
    • Central drive system
    • Two heavy duty torsion bars
    • Electronically adjustable
    • The pusher travels in structural H-beams
    • Pusher feed is by two high precision rack & pinions
    • 6 clamps for panel clamping
  • NC positioning of material pusher
    • AC brushless servo motor
    • Inverter control for variable speed via PC
    • Linear magnetic measurement system
  • Automatic Side Aligner
    • Automatic positioning w/ pneumatic cylinder
    • Minimum width: 60 mm (2.36”)
    • Maximum width: 1200 mm (25”)
    • The side aligner slides over a THK guide
  • Main electrical cabinet with:
    • Dust-proof cabinet (IP 55/NEMA 12) with lockable main disconnect
    • Overload protections for motors and controls
    • Interlocking safeties, emergency bar and blade change cover
    • Control voltage 110 Volts for control board, electronic control and low voltage signals
  • PC with WINNCC software:
    • Intel® Processor
    • Windows platform
    • CUTI optimization software
    • Label printing 
    • 3D simulation
    • Graphic editor
    • Panel editor
    • Teleservice


CA1797    AXO 200/3300 

CA8244    Different voltage/frequency 220/230V 50/60Hz –Neutral connection 

STD.          Saw carriage driven by rack and pinion

CA8247    Pusher stroke 3300 mm (129”)

CA3581    17” Touch Screen display

CA8245    Air blower system for the electrical cabinet

CA3218    Fixed air floatation table w/ crosscut fence 2500 x 600mm (98 x 24”)

CA8226    2 front movable air floatation tables on wheels  1500 x 400mm (59x24”)

CA7251    Centralized blower fan for air floating tables

STD.          Saw and scoring blade flanges with pneumatic locking

STD.          Automatic Star Delta Starter

CA8253    Pusher positioning, magnetic strip   

CA8255    Two Additional Clamps. 7 total clamps  


Seller warrants, for a period of one (1) year beginning on the date the Machinery is accepted, that the Machinery will be free of defects in workmanship and materials, excluding belts, bearings, and common electrical parts, which carry a six-month warranty. This warranty does not include parts consumed during normal operation (wearable items), working units, or maintenance required in the ordinary course of operation.  Seller shall warrant any replacement spare parts and accessories installed pursuant to this warranty for the period of ninety (90) days. 


Tooling, including blades, is not included unless noted.  Upon request, we can supply a quotation of the most suitable tools required for use on this machine.                                       

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